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The new Health Centre was built in 1999 and need for service delivery space soon out-spaced the facility. Because of the mandate of preventative health services, the original design did not include medical clinic facilities. At the insistence of Chief and Council, physician services were housed at the Health Centre, putting immediate strain on office and community health clinic space. New programs, funded by FNIHB, such as Home and Community Care and the Community Diabetes Initiative required significant space to operate. No provision was made in program funding for the need. Consequently, multiple staff members share office spaces designed for one person, and space to offer workshops and other community activities are short in supply. The facility overcrowding has impacted confidentiality, staff morale, and program delivery.

Community Wellness and Education Services

Mental Health
Family Wellness
Addictions Prevention
Health Education 

Community Health and Education Services

Maternal and Child Health
Communicable Disease Control
Care for Individuals with Chronic Diseases and Conditions
Environmental Health 
Portable water supply
Access to Treatment Services


Services are available at the Health Centre weekday afternoons. 

In a 2000 Community Survey, 93% indicated that the pharmacist at the Health Centre was their primary pharmacist. In a Regional Survey, 75% reported that Health Education Services regarding medication use were in need of improvement.